Straining At The Leash

The picture below aptly captures Kasey’s approach to walks.  When we leave the house, she promptly trots ahead until the leash scrolls out to its maximum extent.

The leash stays taut as a bowstring throughout the walk, as Kasey pulls relentlessly forward, head swiveling from side to side, looking for anything that might be worth noticing.  And if she sees something interesting, she heads for it at ramming speed.  It’s as if every vista is so exciting that she can’t resist straining to get there as fast as possible, as if every smell is so absorbing that it merits immediate and deep attention.  The world isn’t going to pass Kasey by — she’s going to dive in head first and fully experience every second.

I compare her headlong approach to mine, as I saunter down the path and am barely able to conceal my ennui about walking past things I’ve seen hundreds of times before.  And then I wonder:  what would it be like if you spent every moment of every day straining at the leash and eager to see what might be found around the next corner?

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