Independents’ Day Is Coming

Every year in mid-September a bunch of independent, local organizations come to Gay Street, right in front of our buildings, for a festive day of food, fun, and music.  The street and adjoining alleys are blocked off and filled with tents, food trucks, and multiple music stages.  They call it Independents’ Day on Gay.

I first stumbled upon this great event when I was working on a Saturday and heard some commotion outside my window, and since then I’ve looked forward to it every year.  It’s the kind of community-festival, get-to-know-your-local-organizations, neat-thing-to-do-on-a-sunny-Saturday-afternoon thing that makes Columbus a great place — and also helps to cement Gay Street’s strong rep as the coolest street in downtown Columbus.

This year’s Independents’ Day is Saturday, September 15.  36 musical acts performing live, many with great names (such as The Alpine Ghost, Forest & the Evergreens, and Skashank Redemption, among many others)!  Food trucks galore!  Stand-up comedians!  Crafters and artists!  Local organizations that help to make our city a better place to live!  Street dancing!  Perhaps even a mime or two!

Mark your calendars.

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