“The System Is Rigged”?

Does Elizabeth Warren really believe what she said tonight?  Does she really believe that the American system is “rigged”?  Seriously?

Perhaps Professor Warren just wants to get into the headlines with her provocative comment — but does she realize what it says that, after four years of President Obama, one of the key speakers at the convention that is renominating him takes the position that the system is rigged?  Even if you believed that the system is “rigged” — and I don’t — why would people who hold that belief want to re-elect someone who was so ineffective they didn’t successfully address that claimed fundamental unfairness in our society after four years in office?

I tire of sanctimonious people like Elizabeth Warren, who has lived for years in the ivory towers of academia.   What in the world does Elizabeth Warren know about creating jobs?  When has Elizabeth Warren ever created a job?

Maybe I’m missing something, but a Harvard professor bashing a country that President Obama has run for four years — and with a Senate under Democratic control to boot — doesn’t seem like a very compelling re-election message to me.

2 thoughts on ““The System Is Rigged”?

  1. Although I completely disagree with almost everything she says… I kind of have to agree with her this time – that the system IS rigged – it just so happens that she wants to rig it even more… 🙂

    here is part of HOW it is rigged (the proof is that no matter who has been in office for the past 30-40 years, they always did the same things – be it republican or democrat)



  2. There is something egregiously wrong when politicians will not acknowledge that legal is not ethical. The system is rigged in that it has allowed Wall Street to steal from people’s future retirement security and, since nothing “illegal” transpired, those responsible remain unscathed.

    For as long as I have been voting, the system has been unbalanced. Established multi-national entities e.g., oil, pharma, ag, should not be subsidized by our tax dollars.

    Congress is not representative of the People because we don’t have the time to run, never mind the financing, since we’re occupied day and night working.


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