The Browns Can Bite Me

This pack of gum aptly summarizes how I feel about the Cleveland Browns franchise right now.

The Browns D forces turnovers, scores a touchdown, and has the Browns in the lead with the fourth quarter winding down.  But the Browns’ offense — which, if anything, is even more pathetically inept than last year — can’t move the ball after running plays that would get first downs even if they worked, the defense has to go back on the field, Philadelphia engineers a long drive, a Browns player drops a sure interception that would have ended the game, and the Eagles score.  When the Browns have their chance for a two-minute drive, their rookie quarterback Brandon Weedon, who has played abysmally the entire game, promptly throws a pick directly to an Eagles player.  So, the Browns lose their home opener . . . again . . . and again . . . and again.

It’s the Browns, and it never changes.  Time to break out the Bite Me gum!

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