The Onion And Biker Joe

The Onion — America’s great humor newspaper — just can’t stay ahead of our zany Vice President, Joe Biden.

Ever since President Obama was elected, The Onion has been running stories lampooning the man who is a heartbeat away from the presidency as a kind of amiable, dim-witted Everyman.  Some of The Onion‘s classic headlines for these stories have included Joe Biden Shows Up To Inauguration With Ponytail, Joe Biden Introduces Trio Of Sexy Bodyguards, Biden Unveils New Health Initiative To Make U.S. Women Hotter, and, most recently, Joe Biden Hitchhikes To Democratic National Convention — among many others.  The articles feature absurd story lines and hilarious, obviously Photoshopped images.

But try as they might, The Onion just can’t match the antics of our real Veep.  This was demonstrated again today when the Associated Press carried a story about Joe Biden’s antics with a biker gal in the Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio.  The accompanying photo shows a grinning Biden cozying up to the biker gal with his face right behind her ear.   On either side of the happy couple are two obviously irritated biker dudes who look like they would like nothing better than to punch Biker Joe’s lights out.

Do you think The Onion ever entertained the idea of an article called Joe Biden Gets Into Brawl Over Woman In Biker Bar but rejected it as too far-fetched?

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