Living With The Walking Classic

This morning is the New Albany Walking Classic.

That means that our neighborhood in the North of Woods section, which is right at the one-mile marker, will be blocked off and inaccessible to cars as thousands of walkers of different sizes, shapes, and capabilities walk past, take a tour around New Albany, and then come  back again.  We and our neighbors always wonder what would happen if someone had a medical issue or got an emergency call and had to leave during the Classic.  Fortunately, that hasn’t happened.  We just try to plan things so that we can hole up in our houses as the hordes power-walk past — and it does give us something to chat with the neighbors about.

There’s always lots of entertainment for the walkers:  the high school band, cheerleaders from nearby schools, a string quartet, and rock musicians all have their little performance areas set up.  Although it’s a bit inconvenient for some of us, it’s a good event for the community and brings a lot of people here.

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