Urban Birds

Obviously, the downtown areas of modern America cities are not pastoral places.  You don’t expect to find furry woodlands creatures gamboling through traffic, for example.

But there is one creature, besides humans, that seems to deal pretty well with the vast concrete expanse of the urban world:  birds.  And not just pigeons — those loud, filthy, disgusting rats of the air — either.

Plant a tree or two on a courtyard amidst the high rises, and you’re soon likely to find a bird or two or perched in the branches.  On a recent trip to Houston, I saw three different types of birds (at least, they looked to be different to my untrained eye) clinging to branches in the same tree on the same generic corporate office building plaza — chirping, grooming themselves, calling out to their fellow feathered friends, and finally flapping off to some other location.

Birds are good company when you are moving through a downtown area.  A chirp and a flutter of wings may be small things, but they make you feel like you still have some connection to the world that exists beyond the edge of the concrete, asphalt, and steel.

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