How Do Sleeping Dogs Lie?

When Penny and Kasey are snoozing, their sleep is sound and deep.  The TV doesn’t bother them, and it seems as though they could sleep through an earthquake or World War III.  How is it, then, that they can achieve instant awareness and leap off the couch in a split-second whenever you quietly walk into the laundry room where their food bowls are kept?

Rubber Tire Recycling

As I’ve mentioned before, I am all in favor of increased recycling and minimized use of landfill space.  I zealously recycle cans, bottles, plastic, and paper items.

So, I was happy to see that our neighborhood playground has done its part by using shredded rubber tires to spread under the swings, teeter-totter, and slide.  I discovered the recent addition when I walked past with the dogs, and noticed a distinctly springy feel underfoot.

The black shards of shredded tire look good on the playground — like high-end mulch, but without the odor — and I have to believe that the rubbery surface is much safer than cement or asphalt (the preferred surface in the death trap playgrounds of my childhood) or wood chips, which was the immediately preceding surface.  The rubber shards are an inch or two deep, and when you walk across them you feel like any kid toppling off the teeter-totter and falling onto the springy surface would be likely to bound three feet in the air.

Well done, New Albany!