Absolute, And Satisfying, Silence

Of all of the pleasures I took away from my visit to Lake Temagami, none was more profound than enjoying moments of absolute quiet.

Lake Temagami is a remote location, ringed with trees that start at the water line and extend back to the horizon.  We were visiting long after tourist season had ended.  As a result, it was possible to stand on the shore of our island and hear . . . nothing.  Not a boat motor or a dog barking in the distance.  Not the background noise of traffic or the hum of electrical devices.  And, because it is well out of cell phone range and the place we were staying had no television, not a ringing telephone or the drone of the TV.  You could listen carefully — as carefully as your ears would allow — and detect only the complete absence of any noise.

It was like being present at the dawn of the world, with a silence vast and deep that touched the soul.  I enjoyed walking around our island, sitting on a rock or a fallen tree, and drinking in that awesome stillness. When you look at this picture taken on the island, try to imagine seeing that vista without so much as a breath or whisper of sound.

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