What Do Undecided Voters Want To Know?

We’re almost within two weeks of the election.

In Ohio, the campaign ads are airing non-stop, the candidates are showing up daily, and the polls are tightening.  All of this activity is focused on one group of people — the undecided voters.  After all of the debates, and campaign appearances, and TV commercials, you have to wonder:  who the heck are these people, and what do they need to know before they can finally make up their minds?

A few weeks ago, a Saturday Night Live skit had a pretty funny answer that probably isn’t too far off the mark.

We’ve got another debate tomorrow, and we’ll be discussing more serious stuff about the election as Election Day draws ever closer.  For now, though, we could all use a laugh.

2 thoughts on “What Do Undecided Voters Want To Know?

  1. Dude, come on.
    Guys, you undecided voters out there. Just this once and hear me out. Vote Republican just this once. Get the government back in order, and like, being in order, we can get better stuff. Christmas presents aren’t free. And likewise, things need to be done, before we can totally truly make ‘for the people’ decisions. Most Americans aren’t spoiled. And some don’t negotiate. But play the blame game, and choose an inexperienced democrat. You wait until we get our ducks in a row, man, our 114th Congress is gonna rock.
    I don’t care either way, but we either gotta shoot in the dark come 216 for a Democratic or Republican Candidate, regardless if you see the President not owing a favor to any party. But 216 we can get swept. Or, we engage practically with our government, and take the House, around like 2020 or something. “We’ll let the GOP slide on the House for a bit, and keeping a Democratic Senate, a Republican Vice, would do our politics some good.”
    Or we make Romney a one term President too. Fair is fair. I don’t really care, except for this party of mine. And because of that, I’m supporting the GOP. Just this once, of course.!


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