Proposing A “Secretary Of Business” Is The Last Straw

President Obama wants to be seen as friendly to business.  He’s recently touted the idea of creating a “Secretary of Business” — a new, Cabinet-level position that would “consolidate” different federal agencies that deal with business and trade issues and create “one-stop shopping” for regulatory oversight.

This one proposal, I think, reflects President Obama’s deeply held view of the world — and why I must conclude, regrettably, that he will never truly grapple with our soaring budget deficits and federal debt, which I believe are the two most crucial problems facing our country.

In the President’s view, if business is struggling, we need to create a new government position to address the problem and shuffle existing agencies in a bureaucratic reorganization to try to “streamline” regulations.  His reflexive solution to all issues is new government positions, new government agencies, and new government initiatives.  If he needs to burnish his credentials with the business world, he thinks the proper response to to create a new government regime that shows that he cares.

President Obama has been our President for four years.  He’s seen our economy flounder, witnessed the loss of huge numbers of jobs and the departure of millions of disappointed job-seekers from the job market, watched our deficit and debt skyrocket, and heard complaints about excessive regulatory burdens, crony capitalism, and taxes stifling business investment and growth.  The fact that he nevertheless believes that he would aid business by creating a “Secretary of Business” who would help businessmen navigate through the thicket of federal regulations, and assist companies as they seek federal loans and grants and other assistance, speaks volumes about his fundamental mindset.  He’s not going to change if he’s elected to a second term.

If, like me, you believe that we need to eliminate Cabinet-level positions and federal agencies, not create them, if you believe that we need to reduce federal regulations, not hire new federal employees to assist overwhelmed businessmen in dealing with those regulations, if you believe that we need to cut spending, not maximize opportunities for people to get more federal loans and aid, how can you vote to re-elect President Obama?

10 thoughts on “Proposing A “Secretary Of Business” Is The Last Straw

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    holland has the same problems.the people don´t know the truth about the sharks of the3 street and their shoddy way of practice….too many books and not enough substance.thoery goes hand in hand with practise and exp0erience.the economy is not the motor of society .good neighboorly behaviour and proper education for all asw well as adults because the roade to success is a learning curve as well as using opportunities that arise.the west wasn´t5 built by money because you can through all the money you want at some problems but i8f you don´t score the underlying cause of the problem money will just buy you time so the rats will scatter and you´ll be in the same mess.with everything locked up with you and the mo90ney is gone.


  2. I agree that there is excessive regulation but I believe regulation is in place to protect people from business. There are regulatory concerns that could be addressed more effectively at the state level, while others demand federal oversight. I don’t believe Romney will govern with more proficiency.

    The US is not experiencing economic upheaval in isolation, the rest of the world is struggling as well. I believe it will take a generation for us to get out of the hole we’re in and we won’t begin to climb out unless there is political will to institute bank reform, forcing divestment and complete entity separation of behemoth banks that have grown since 2008 increasing risk and irresponsibility.

    Regardless of who is elected, the people will be asked to sacrifice and neither candidate has described what that sacrifice will entail.


  3. I’ll tell you how I can vote to re-elect President Obama:

    -Romney/Ryan want to take away a woman’s choices in healthcare and pass a national “personhood” law

    -Romney/Ryan want to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act

    -Romney/Ryan are completely controlled by the NeoCons and WILL start a war with Iran

    -Romney/Ryan want to suppress the rights of the LBGT community

    -Romney/Ryan kowtow to the religious insane people that have taken control of the GOP

    -Romney/Ryan want to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, lower corporate tax rate across the board to 25%

    -Romney/Ryan supports the XL pipeline

    -Romney/Ryan want to export carbon emissions to China

    -Romney is a Mormon (yes, I said it, you asked)

    -Romney consulted with lawyers on legality, but believes a president has the right to do what he believes makes the country safer

    -The republican party has done EVERYTHING they can do to suppress voting in every state they can

    -Romney wants privatize FEMA

    -Romney/Ryan will not allow interviews by the press (except FNC)

    -Romney/Ryan are encouraging employers to threaten employees into voting for them

    -We’ve watched dozens of speeches, read hundreds of articles and sat through 23 national debates and NO ONE can tell you where Romney stands on any issue. He has mainly been running against himself on YouTube. For every position he’s held, he’s also fervently held the opposite — effortlessly switching without explanation (check it out)

    -Romney made the Libyan situation a political football (with egg on his face), instead of standing by the nation during a terrorist attack

    -Romney will not release his tax returns



    • Hi Jeff, I have the same passionate feelings you have about the issues of this election.

      I support Obama, while criticizing some of his performance. GITMO, the travesty of the Bradley Manning affair and lack of an expeditious trial… .

      I understand the position you are taking on the Republicans; however, we all must remember that the Democrats had control for the first two years of Obama’s first term and they didn’t do as well as they should have, and in many instances, they were completely enraptured by themselves. Many times, I wanted to slap Nancy Pelosi to wake her up.

      I will be voting for Obama, I will vote YES on 1 and hope that my state will become the first state to pass Marriage Equality by referendum. I will vote for Democrats and Independents right down the line.

      I will try to accept that none of the people who will receive my vote are without flaws and no matter who is elected we all must work toward the common good. I’m breathing deep and hoping for the best.


  4. Ok, webnerbob. I suspect you authored this post just to incite a lively debate. So – I’ll bite.

    In my opinion, the President is a bit like the Wizard of Oz when it comes to business and the economy. You will recall that when the curtain was pulled back and the Wizard was exposed (like the first presidential debate), Dorothy says to the Wizard “you’re a very bad man.” The Wizard defends himself by replying (I’m sure I’m paraphrasing) “No, I’m actually a very good man, I’m just a very bad Wizard.” While the President has many positive attributes, when it comes to business and the economy, I believe the President is indeed a very bad Wizard.

    Who would you rather have handling your retirement investments (assuming you are fortunate enough to have retirement investments), Mr. Romney, or President Obama? Who would you rather have running your business, Mr. Romney or President Obama?

    I have no idea how the vote is going to turn out next Tuesday, but wouldn’t it be ironic if President Obama got “47%” of the popular vote? – which is about where Gallup and Rasmussen seem to think things stand at this point.

    As always, I enjoyed your post and all of the above responses to it.


  5. How I love a lively discussion! We’ll be talking some more about the election as the big day draws nearer, and I’m hoping that we have more interaction about the issues before Election Day — and after.


  6. Okay Mike and WB, really, I get where you’re coming from, I do.
    For me, the problem is larger than the economy. Terrific analogy from The Wizard of Oz, Mike. Perhaps it’s time to consider a Co-President scenario?
    WB don’t think I’m not onto you because I am, you do this for fun!
    Tuesday can’t come fast enough, let’s end the agony, stop the madness, get back to normal life and wait for the Maya calendar to end… .


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