Sleeping In

I’ve always been an early bird.

In our family, UJ was the great sleeper; he could sleep past noon if he wanted.  Not me.  I would awaken between 5 and 6, like clockwork, and trot downstairs to get the day started.   Once I was up, I was up.  That pattern continued into adulthood.

And so it was this morning.  The dogs were up even earlier than usual, jingling their collars, shaking their heads, and making that flapping sound that occurs when dog ears slap against dog heads.  So I was up especially early, feeding Penny and Kasey and going outside with them for our morning walk at about 3:30.

When we returned, the dogs went into dogsleep mode, and I thought:  if dogs can do it, why can’t I?  So I went back to bed, too — and to my amazement, I was able to fall asleep.  Even more astonishing, I slept until 8, something I probably haven’t done since college.  I dreamed pleasant dreams and awoke happy and refreshed.

This sleeping in thing isn’t bad.

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