Four Apple Family

After giving it some careful consideration, today I decided to buy an iPad for Kish and me today.  As Richard points out, it joins our iMac, iPod, and iPhone and makes us a four Apple family.

IMG_2234We bought it for good and thoughtful reasons — honest!  I travel a lot, and having a tablet with e-books makes more sense than lugging heavy paper books in my already crammed satchel.  Kish likes to read newspapers and magazines on her iPhone, and a tablet allows for bigger typesize and easier reading.  As Richard notes, a tablet also is a good organizing tool.  And, everyone we know raves about their iPad, its many amazing capabilities, and how it has changed their lives.  Why not join the party?

So, we bought this device for wholly appropriate reasons.  Why, then, have we spent the first few hours just oohing and aahing at the cool things this piece of technology can do?

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