Defining “Abrupt Change”

IMG_2705Yesterday morning Kish and I walked for one last time on the beach at Cocobay Resort in Antigua, where I took the above photo.  It was a beautiful, warm day, with gentle tropical breezes and temperatures in the 80s.  We sat at the open-air poolside bar, drank beverages served by the vivacious Sasha, and said farewell to friends we made during our weeklong stay.

By midnight we were back in Columbus, where snow blanketed the ground and temperatures were in the 20s.  This morning I woke up to the scene below, donned my hat, gloves, and overcoat, and went out to shovel the driveway covered with about 10 inches of snow and ice.

I can’t really complain, but I could have used a little transition period.IMG_2745

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