The Two Ronnies

While we were in Antigua we got to know a British family that also were guests at the Cocobay Resort.  One day the father, George, wore a t-shirt with four candles on the front.  I asked him about the significance of the four candles, and he told us it was a reference to a classic skit that appeared on the vintage sketch comedy program called The Two Ronnies.

I like British humor — I’m a big fan of Monty Python, I like the original British version of Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, and I’ve watched more episodes of Benny Hill than I probably should admit — but I’d never heard of The Two Ronnies, which apparently aired during the 1970s.  I found the sketch in question on YouTube, and it is, indeed, pretty hilarious.  It combines what I think are the best elements of British humor:  wordplay-based jokes, broad physical comedy, and some words (and accents) that I just don’t understand, now matter how many times I listen.

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