Blogs Worth Noting

In case your New Year’s resolution was to read more blogs — and what a fine resolution that would be! — here are some suggestions.

elroyjones is a blog written by a Mainer who has become a great internet acquaintance.  She reads our blog, and we read her blog — and it’s well worth a gander.  The subtitle of her blog is “random ordinary life observations,” and I think that’s a pretty accurate description of the normal content.  EJ always has interesting things to say about her personal life, about Maine, about modern society, and about the world in general.

Our Big Crazy Family, on the other hand, is the blog of the Daubenmier family.  Here at Webner House, of course, we have a weakness for family blogs.  In this case, Mark Daubenmier was one of Richard’s favorite teachers, and a fine person, besides.  Recently he and his wife moved their family to Kenya on a ministry mission.  Their blog is about “the joy that comes from family life,” spiced with interesting anecdotes about their life in Africa.  When you read the blog, you just have to respect the work they are doing in that faraway land.

And speaking of faraway lands, I can’t help but mention, again, two other blogs I’ve noted previously.  14 South, 170 West is the blog of a friend who lives in American Samoa, and Breakfast Club Food For Thought is the work of an old pal who lives in Seattle and is a huge fan of juices of all kinds.

Between these four blogs, we’ve spanned America coast to coast and gotten a glimpse of distant places — all through the eyes of ordinary folks who occasionally like to tap the keyboards on their computers.  You may want to check them out.



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