The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_2866Kasey likes the couch.  During the day, that’s where she’ll be.  At night, that’s where she’ll be.  That’s always where she is, except when she’s eating.

When the Leader is on the couch, too, Kasey gets territorial.  Of course!  Every member of the pack should understand that.  When you are in the pack, you want to be next to the Leader.

For some reason, the old boring guy doesn’t get this.  I’m not sure why.  He’s just a little bit slow, I guess.  But when the old boring guy comes up to Kasey and when she and the Leader are on the couch, Kasey bares her teeth and gives a low growl.  It’s just a little warning that the old boring guy should keep his distance.  Then, he finally gets the message and yanks his hand back like he is trying to avoid a snake bite.

I get a good laugh when that happens.  Hey, old boring guy!  Guess what?  You’re at the bottom of the pack.  There’s the Leader, there’s me and Kasey, there’s Young Master and the Wrestler, and then there’s . . . you.  Get used to it!

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