Our New Hilton

We have a new hotel in Columbus, and it’s a very welcome addition to our downtown area.

photo-93The hotel is a Hilton, located directly across from part of the Columbus Convention Center and connected to the Center by a second-story bridge that spans High Street.  The hotel’s brick exterior fits in well with the existing structures in the Arena District, and some architectural flourishes — like a curving entrance way canopy and the glittering glass bridge, which also is designed to reflect curving lines — make the building itself very attractive.

Along with a new building that Nationwide has just opened, the new Hilton establishes an entirely new vista when you look north from the corner of High Street and Nationwide Boulevard.  The new Hilton also is part of a broader Columbus effort to increase its number of hotel rooms and thereby allow the city to compete for some of the larger conventions — which obviously create traffic for businesses near the convention center and tax revenue for the city itself.

The positive word of mouth about the Hilton has been strong, and last night Kish and I went to our first-ever function at the hotel.  Although we didn’t see the lobby and all of the common areas, the ballroom and other interior areas where we gathered were very pretty, the food prepared by the hotel was quite good, and we particularly appreciated the (apparent) extra padding under the carpeting.  When you are at a cocktail hour as part of a large gathering, standing on threadbare carpeting can be a real pain.  The carpeting at the new Hilton was easy on the feet — and it’s a lot easier to enjoy a conversation when you aren’t shifting from foot to foot to try to relieve those aching tootsies.

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