About Weddings

This afternoon, while we are sitting and enjoying the wedding ceremony for our nephew Joe and his fiancee Laura, my guess is that every married guest will be thinking, even if only for a few moments and with a secret smile or two, about their own wedding.

Your wedding day is one of those days — like the day your first child is born — where the intensity and unprecedented nature of the experience deeply engraves every action onto your memory.  Even after the passage of decades, you remember that day, still brightly lit in your brain cells, when the recollection of every other day before and since has dimmed and fallen away, lost forever in the fog of a lifetime of experiences.  But your wedding day is, and always will be, special and distinctive.

It’s not surprising, because getting married is such an enormous step!  You change — and you must change, if you want your marriage to be a successful and satisfying one — from being a self-oriented person who typically makes decisions based solely on what it means for you to being a person who will carefully always consider the thoughts and feelings and interests of that person with whom you have decided to spend your life.  You’re making a lifetime commitment and pledging your faithful love and devotion to that person.  When you are standing before the minister or rabbi or judge and happily making that pledge, you can’t help but be moved and thrilled and astonished, all at the same time.  It’s a hugely powerful feeling, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

It’s no wonder we remember every detail of our wedding day.

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