Today, I did not eat a single piece of meat.  Not one!

For most people, this would not be newsworthy.  For me, however, it is the first time in my memory that I did not, during a standard calendar day, consume the cooked flesh of some mammal or fowl that walked the surface of the Earth.  I honestly cannot recall any day, ever, when I did not eat a cheeseburger, or a hot dog, or a sausage pizza, or a corned beef sandwich, or gratefully enjoy some other delectable, mouth-watering meat morsel.

Instead, I skipped the morning meal — and therefore avoided the temptation of a bacon-filled breakfast — and then had some warming potato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and finally polished off rare yellowfin tuna and calamari for dinner.  Quite tasty . . . but I still feel a wistful sensation, as if something warm and satisfying and comforting has been missing from my day.

Having successfully leaped over the previously insurmountable no-meat hurdle today, tomorrow I plan to learn how to appreciate rap music.

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