Patterns In The World Around Us

IMG_3024Studies show that the human brain is geared to recognizing patterns.  We see faces in the random dots on wallpaper, or Jesus’s head in the rust stains on an oil tank, because that’s just the way we’re wired.

Our brains reject disorder and crave order — so when you get a chance to feed that craving, as occurs when you look at the delicately latticed, carefully ordered, vaulted interior ceiling of the Hyatt Arcade in Cleveland, your brain is most appreciative.

2 thoughts on “Patterns In The World Around Us

  1. My wife was looking at a bunch of numbers on a retirement benefits statement this evening. She told me she saw a warm, sunny beach (like those in the photos you post on this blog in late December each year). Go figure – “a beautiful mind,” or maybe Miss Cleo?

    As always, thank you for your post, webnerbob.


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