No Hoggy’s No More

Hoggy’s Barn and Grille has closed.  For years it’s been a mainstay of the neighborhood, holding down the corner of Route 62 and Morse Road on the Gahanna-New Albany border.  Now the restaurant is shuttered.

IMG_1138It’s always sad when a neighborhood joint goes down the tubes — particularly one that’s been operating for years.  We’ve been to Hoggy’s dozens of times, eating family dinners, chowing down on pulled pork and ribs and beef brisket, enjoying the mashed spuds with the skin on and macaroni and cheese and moist cornbread, washed down with a good beer or two.  We’ve had some laughs and good meals and dared members of our family to take a shot at the “Hoggy’s Challenge” eating contest.  I don’t think anyone ever did.

After the kids went away to college, Kish and I stopped going to Hoggy’s; it just wasn’t the same.  Apparently other people stopped going, too, because Hoggy’s parent company has gone into receivership, and the receiver has said that the restaurants were dogged by poor sales.  The big white barn at the corner of Route 62 and Morse is now closed, and who knows when — or even if — it will ever open again.


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