A Man And His Sauce

IMG_3149Tonight we went for dinner to the house of our longtime friends.  Chuck wanted us to try his pasta sauce — and it was spectacular.

Chuck comes from a Sicilian family, and he is proud of his heritage and his sauce.  It’s a tomato-based sauce, based on a recipe that Chuck got from his Dad, but Chuck has made his own improvements and refinements.  His sauce is seasoned with a pork rib or two, and it’s dense and meaty and packed with flavor.  Combined with some Barolo and Amarone wine, some al dente pasta, Laura’s fine appetizers, and excellent desserts, it made for a fabulous meal.  The company was even better than the food, and the Patron coffee liqueur was just icing on the cake.

Great job, Chuck!  Your sauce is excellent.

1 thought on “A Man And His Sauce

  1. Bob, thank you for the stellar writeup. Other than the pasta on the floor mishap, Chuck did do a fantastic job, if I say so myself!


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