Richard The Reviewer

Richard has started writing movie reviews for Vox, a magazine published by the Columbia Missourian.  You can read his first Vox film review, of the animated feature Escape From Planet Earth, here.

Movie reviews serve an important public purpose.  Movies are increasingly expensive — some theaters here charge $9.50 a ticket, which is real money — and a fair but cautionary review can allow you to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on abysmal Hollywood dreck.

It’s also important, however, to find a reviewer who tends to look at the film world the same way you do.  Some reviewers like only the artsy, highbrow stuff and sneer at any mainstream fare.  Those folks could be the finest review writers in the world, but their reviews aren’t going to do much for me, because the Hollywood offerings are typically what I like to watch.  I don’t want a reviewer who hates everything that comes out of Tinseltown, I need someone who can differentiate the crappy, uninspired blockbuster from the one that really packs a punch.

Based on Richard’s past reviews published right here on Webner House, I think he gives pretty good guidance on what to watch and what to avoid.

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