Riding The Good News Wave

Tonight, at the end of a long work week, I got some great news.

IMG_2296What an impact good news can have!  The moment before, I was physically and mentally dragging; after the news I was charged with energy and felt as if I had been jolted with adrenalin.  Before, I had been gritting my teeth at the antics of the inconsiderate jerks on the road, but after I was filled with charity toward my fellow Friday evening motorists.  The music on the radio sounded so much sweeter, and the cold wet weather seemed much less miserable.

When I got home, I happily fed the dogs and was untroubled by Kasey’s incessant barking.  I kept a smile on my face even as I picked up, bagged, and tied off a stinky dump that Penny deposited as we went for a delightful evening stroll.

I wish I could bottle how it feels to get some really good news and share it with everyone.  I know that I can’t — so I guess I’ll just enjoy it for so long as it lasts.

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