Blue Window

IMG_3176The windowsill above our kitchen sink is topped with a collection of blue glass jars that we inherited from Kish’s mother.  They were hard-working, functional items that probably have been used to can countless batches of jams, jellies, fruit compotes, and other concoctions over the decades.  I imagine the blue tint to the glass had some practical application, too, such as keeping the light from interacting with the jar’s contents.

But now, graced with the patina of age and no longer used for commonplace purposes, they have acquired a distinctive, translucent beauty.  They make a fine complement to our kitchen window right above the sink, adding a bit of delicate color even on those dreary February days.

3 thoughts on “Blue Window

  1. I really like this post for more reasons than I can list. I especially like that Kish kept so many ordinary things from her mother’s house. I have some similar things from my mother’s house, which contribute happiness and comfort to my humble abode.


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