No Way To Run A Railroad

It’s hard to believe — but then again, maybe it’s not so hard to believe.  Our divided, dysfunctional government was unable to reach agreement, so $85 billion in “automatic” sequestration cuts occurred yesterday, after President Obama signed an executive order putting them into effect.

President Obama called the cuts “dumb” and “arbitrary.”  He’s right — and in fact, you could use even stronger terms, like imbecilic and ludicrous.  So why did the President and the White House play a central role in devising the idiotic “sequestration” concept to begin with, and why wasn’t he able to do what was necessary to avoid the cuts from taking effect?  The President, of course, immediately blamed congressional Republicans for their intransigence and refusal to consider additional tax increases, and maybe the public will decide that the Republicans should be the whipping boys this time, as they have been in the past.  At some point, however, I think most people will come to accept that some of the blame must fall upon the President.  Rather than working steadily toward a solution, he seems to enjoy playing chicken, waiting until the deadline looms immediately ahead, and then trying to work out a last-minute deal when he thinks the pressure is all on the other side.  This time, obviously, his tactic didn’t work, and the chickens have come home to roost.

I’m blaming everyone for this fiasco — Democrats and Republicans, President and Congress — but I also think the President needs to be held accountable by the media and the public.  It’s incredibly stupid to make blunderbuss cuts when some programs should be eliminated and other programs should be left untouched.  I’m convinced that, if the President and members of both parties simply did their jobs, they could identify $85 billion in rational cuts to replace the “automatic” sequestration cuts.  The President’s inability to lead the way to a reasonable solution so that we don’t lurch from budget crisis to budget crisis falls on his shoulders.

It’s another embarrassing day for our government.

1 thought on “No Way To Run A Railroad

  1. In popular vernacular- WTF!
    Really, WB, how long would ordinary Americans keep their jobs if this was their best performance-not long.
    It’s no longer embarrassing, it’s standard practice and the People are complicit.


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