The Never-Old Arnold

It’s time for the Arnold Classic here in Columbus, Ohio. It’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and it’s better than ever.

“The Arnold” is one of Columbus’ favorite events.  It brings a huge number of people to town, fills the hotels and the gyms and the workout facilities to capacity, and helps to fill our tax coffers, too.  It also gives us our annual glimpse into the fascinating world of bodybuilding, extreme fitness, and other unusual sports and activities and the dedicated people who compete in the various competitions.

You know it’s about time for the Arnold when you begin to see Arnold himself on commercials for a local car dealership.  You know that the Arnold is actually here when you can’t buy a can of spray-on tan within a 100-mile radius.  You know the Arnold is here when the airport is packed with bulging humans of both species wearing ultra-tight clothing and sporting faces with that kind of lean, rawboned look you normally see on cowboys who’ve spent the last few months huddled in a cabin while tending the herd on the northern range.  You know the Arnold is here when, on your drive downtown, you see large clusters of people heading purposefully to and from the many different Arnold venues, usually carrying massive bags of product they’ve purchased at the exposition booths.

Welcome to Columbus, Arnoldnauts!  We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you have a bulging good time at this year’s Classic.

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