The Joy Of Counting

I keep a coin box on a dresser in our bedroom.  When I come home with change in my pocket, I put it in the coin box.  Then, when the coin box is filled to overflowing, I get to experience one of my great little pleasures — counting the coins and putting them into coin rolls.

IMG_3225Why do I enjoy this little chore so much?  Well, for one, it’s tangible evidence of our thrift.  We’ve saved the coins, after all, rather than frittered them away on lottery tickets or video games, and it’s nice to tote up the amounts every once in a while and see the fruits of our frugality.

There’s also a tactile, sensory element that is enjoyable.  You dump all of the coins out on a surface and hear their jingle and clatter.  You grab a flattened coin sleeve — I usually start with pennies, because there are more of them than any other coin — and pop it open.  My right index finger goes into one end of the coin roll, to stop and straighten the coins that are inserted into the other end.  Then the counting begins, and what a joy it is to count again, to 40 or 50 depending on the coin, like you are back sitting attentively at your desk in first grade.

The counting continues, the rolls fill up, the dollar coins that are given as change at automatic change dispensers get stacked, and the excess coins get put back into the empty coin box, to be counted next time.  Hey, more then $30.  Not bad!

1 thought on “The Joy Of Counting

  1. Yes, thrift- coins, pennies, silver. We have coffee cans full because the other occupant thinks we’ll be glad to have it, in its canned state, someday. I am ashamed to admit the collection includes a pickling crock full. Once in a while a handful of quarters are donated to the carwash. I remember a time when there was no spare change, every penny had a purpose.


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