Hard-Ass Keglers

IMG_3420The firm Carmen Salvino bowling tournament was tonight, at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl Lanes on South High Street.  Our team may not have been the finest bowlers, but we definitely sported the most headband accessories and displayed the most compelling hard-ass look.

Oh, and the Buckeyes won their first NCAA Tournament game, too.

6 thoughts on “Hard-Ass Keglers

    • As your keen eye has recently observed, If this photo had included UJ, rather than webnerbob, he would have been in the middle of the picture, surrounded by the gals.

      I believe I know two of webnerbob’s teammates, and they were very good college athletes (but not in bowling).


      • Oh Mike, now I may get in trouble for this but WB looks positively mild mannered compared to the women. The ladies know how to deliver The Look.

        As to your point re: UJ, no doubt he’d be in the middle and someone would probably be hugging him!


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