The Hills In The ‘Hood

Our downtown neighborhood has welcomed a notable new arrival.  The Hills Market has set up shop near the corner of Gay Street and Grant, across from the Columbus College of Art & Design.

IMG_1158Today the Bus-Riding Conservative and I walked down to The Hills to check out their store, and the place was buzzing.  The BRC had read that the market was sponsoring a Friday fish fry, so we decided to check it out.  Although the market itself was impressive — chock full of locally sourced food, an extensive area where you can get meals ready to eat, and a decent wine selection — the fish fry was disappointing.  We got one piece of battered and fried fish that was indistinguishable from an Arthur Treacher’s offering and a bag of chips for $8.99.  $8.99?  C’mon, Hills . . . we expect more neighborly treatment than that!

Even though the fish fry offering should have been beached, I’m glad The Hills has decided to open a downtown outlet.  More and more people are moving to downtown Columbus, and we need a grocery store that can service the new residents.  The Hills fills a huge void, and I’m hoping it will be a big step toward a more residential, crowded downtown area.

Now, if they could just work on their lunch pricing . . . .

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