Us Brainy Buckeyes

The Intelligent Communities Forum has named Columbus, Ohio one of the seven most intelligent cities in the world.

IMG_3455No, really!  Columbus is the only American city to make the cut in 2013, and is in the running to be named the most intelligent community in the world for 2013.  Yeah, baby!  We’re number one!  Or, at least, we could be.  The other cities in the running are in Taiwan, Estonia, Finland, and Canada.

How do you decide which communities are the smartest?  There’s no intelligence test given — or at least, if there was, I didn’t have to take it.  Instead, the focus seems to be on the characteristics that the city chooses to emphasize, and for Columbus it was technology and collaboration, and the interaction of the academic and business communities.  The cities are then evaluated by an international panel of judges.

I like to think that one of the evaluators visited our fair city, overheard the lunchtime conversation of a group of Columbusites, and concluded that any city where professionals can have a highly analytical conversation, chock full of facts, figures, and historical references, about the football Buckeyes’ defensive line options must have brainpower to spare.

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