Cookie Cutters That Aren’t “Cookie Cutter”

IMG_3479Mom asked me to bake some more cookies that she could share with her guests, so yesterday was a baking day.  As I was figuring out a good assortment, I also had to consult our collection of cookie cutters to decide which cutouts to use.

Many of our cookie cutters have a distinctive Christmas orientation, but over the years we’ve inherited and acquired an eclectic collection — a grab bag of dogs, hearts, a gingerbread man, stars, a baseball mitt, and even the Statue of Liberty and the space shuttle.  They are variously made of tin, sturdy plastic, and a thin, highly bendable metal; some have handles and others don’t.  Predictably, I like the older, metal cutters that probably date back at least 50 years.

My favorite is the little Scottish terrier cut-out.  It requires a little care and patience to extricate the cookie; you need to gently put a butter knife through the handle and nudge the cookie dough out.  It’s worth it.  I’m confident that anyone who picks up a cookie in the shape of a little dog will have a smile on their face.

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