Fog In The Face And Odors In The Air

The newest development in movie theater technology is called 4DX.  It hasn’t hit America yet, but it’s starting in Japan this spring, with Iron Man 3.

What is 4DX?  Basically, it sounds a lot like a theater version of a theme park ride.  Movies seats tilt in tune to the action, fog and wind blow into the faces of the moviegoers, odors are sprayed, strobe lights flash, and bubbles can drop down from the ceiling.  Of course, patrons who want to experience 4DX will pay for the privilege.  In Japan, the price for a 4DX ticket will be about double the price of a regular ticket.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think I can enjoy a movie without being jostled, assaulted by smells, and having things blown in my face.  In fact, all of that sounds pretty cheesy to me — like Smell-O-Vision, an effort to add something novel to an otherwise forgettable film.

I’ve enjoyed the Iron Man movies without all of the bells and whistles, and I’m hoping that the next installment can stand on its own merits.  I suspect that all of the 4DX effects would detract from my enjoyment of a film, rather than contribute to it.  I sure as heck would not pay more for them.

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