The Incest Avoidance App

If you want to know whether you are dating your cousin, there’s an app for that — in Iceland, at least.

It turns out that Iceland, in addition to having the most affirmatively unappealing country name in the world, has an issue with inadvertent incest.  It is a small, isolated, sparsely populated land where the residents have lived for thousands of years.  As a result, the forces of nature dictate that most of the 330,000 citizens share some common ancestry.  But what if you want to make absolutely certain that you avoid consorting with someone with uncomfortably close degrees of sanguinity?  Fortunately, Google is offering an Android app that allows Icelanders to use their smart phones to access the Book of Icelander — an ancestry log that includes some 720,000 names — to determine their exact relations with that attractive person they met at work.

This is the kind of practical app that not only facilitates the avoidance of awkward social situations, but also could have changed the course of classical literature.  If only Oedipus had that helpful smartphone app!

No word yet on when the app will be rolled out in Appalachia.

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