BBQ World

IMG_3574Nashville boasts having the best barbecue in the world.  Today for lunch Kish and I went to Edley’s Barbecue, a local landmark, to test that claim.

Edley’s one of those places that is crowded even at 1:30 p.m., where you stand in line for 15 minutes to place your order but don’t mind because the place smells so good.  After you order, you take a number, find a table, clear away any debris left by prior diners, and wait with lip-smacking anticipation for a server to find you with your grub.

I got the “pork platter,” which included a mound of moist, tender barbecued pork, a grilled slab of cornbread, and mac and cheese and grits casserole for sides.  It left me spluttering and speechless.

I don’t know whether Nashville is the BBQ capital of the world, but it’s in the competition.

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