The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_3645I am usually hungry.  When I am hungry, I look for food.  When I see something that looks like food, I take it.

Yesterday my hunting turned up a promising item.  It was brown, which is a good color for food.  My food in the morning and night is brown.  And it was in one of those shiny wrappers.  Usually those shiny wrappers are put on good food.  I’ve seen the old boring guy put this kind of thing in his mouth, too.  So when I saw it on the counter, so I grabbed it.

When I bit it though, it wasn’t good food.  It was dry and dusty and crumbled against my teeth.  It tasted bitter, too.  Yuck!  So even though I was hungry, I didn’t eat it.  That should tell you something about how bad it tasted.  That’s the last time I ever take the old boring guy’s recommendation!

When the old boring guy got home and saw the brown thing, he was mad.  I don’t know why.  I left it for him, didn’t I?

1 thought on “The Penny Chronicles

  1. Robert, I envy the structure of your very-well-spent professional and personal lives, as evidenced by these regular early- and late-day posts. You remind me a lot of my dad. He ran a railroad. He was the President of a School Board for 16 years. Yet, he dropped me off at school most days and was home for dinner most evenings. We benefit from your ability to balance these important things. JWR


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