North Market, Friday Night, April 26

IMG_1180It’s been a long week, so to get the weekend started right, I made a stop at the North Market.  I love the Curds & Whey cheese counter.  It sells all kinds of cheese and other goodies that make for an excellent Friday night tasting.  I typically ask the proprietor to make some selections for me, and tonight I’ll be noshing on some Morbier, Mimolette, and kalamata olives.  Then I stopped by the wine shop, where there are always interesting and reasonably priced selections.  Two bottles of red and $22 later, I was on my way home.

Now I sit, sipping some wine, getting ready to open the cheese, and feeling like the weekend is ready to open before me like a spring flower.

4 thoughts on “North Market, Friday Night, April 26

  1. Did you know the black line in morbier is vegetable ashes? The lower portion of cheese is the milk from the morning and the upper portion is the milk from the evening milking…. I love that stuff!!!


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