Curse Of The Corn Dog

Conservative favorite Michele Bachmann, a Representative from Minnesota, has announced that she won’t seek reelection.

How quickly the wheel can turn!  In the space of two years, Bachmann goes from running for President, to being an also-ran for President, to being investigated for campaign spending issues, and now to deciding that she won’t seek another term in Congress.  She says her decision not to run again has nothing to do with such issues, and that she will continue to be a leading voice for conservative causes.

We can take her decision to not seek reelection at face value, and concede that it has nothing to do with any of the issues surrounding her campaign.  However, we also can recognize that everything took a turn for the worse once Bachmann was photographed eating a corn dog at some summer political event.  She blindly ignored arguably the best political advice ever offered:  never be photographed eating a corn dog.  And once she did it, it all went to hell.

The Curse of the Corn Dog strikes again!

1 thought on “Curse Of The Corn Dog

  1. That’s a big corn dog. Reminds me of a joke my first boss told me when I worked in a sewage plant in 1965. A Korean War vet, Ralph Libbey let us know that “I have 12 inches, but, as a rule I don’t use it.”


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