Russell Makes The Village Voice

tarotThe Village Voice website has a nice slide show of photos from the Bushwick Open Studios weekend.  There, at number 7 of 46, you will find Russell and his friend, Jon Donaldson, standing in front of their Space Camp artwork in their space at the Loom Building, looking very artistic, indeed.  Congratulations, Russell and Jon!  (I’m also glad to see that Russell decided to represent his status as a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder with his choice of t-shirt.)

The photo above is of one of Russell’s very cool pieces from their show.  He thought their participation in Bushwick Open Studios was great, and we do, too.

Edited to add:  Kish points out that slide number 8 is of a visitor to Russell and Jon’s show checking out the piece shown above.

5 thoughts on “Russell Makes The Village Voice

  1. That is so awesome! I’m so excited there is an “official” artist in the family! Keep up the good work Russell!


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