Harnessing The Power Of Thought

Every day, it seems, there is some dazzling new advancement in science and technology.  Consider the video above, which demonstrates how researchers are able to use brain waves to guide and control a helicopter.  It’s amazing stuff, and you can read about some of the science behind the thought control device here.

You can imagine the enormous value of this kind of technology as it relates to helping disabled people to control their environment, achieve greater self-sufficiency, and use their brainpower to make up for their disability-related losses.  For those who are wheelchair-bound but unable to speak due to injury or debilitating disease, for example, imagine the joy of being able to use your brain to communicate with the outside world once more.  That day can’t get here fast enough.

Space Camp Rock(et)s

tumblr_mnw5txQSYk1sunki8o1_1280Several of our friendly and gracious readers have expressed an interest in seeing more of the artwork that appeared in the Space Camp show that Russell and Jon Donaldson put together for the Bushwick Open Studios event.   Russell has posted some photos of the artwork and the installation at spacecamp13.tumblr.com.  It’s worth a gander.  As a football fan, I particularly like Russell’s three lighted juxtapositions of professional football players with bingo numbers and free spaces, words, and photos, and his use of space in putting them all together.  One of those pieces appears above.

Richard On The Business Beat

Only his second day on the job, and already Richard has a clip under his belt.

It’s an interesting piece about Gander Mountain, the outdoor and firearms retailer, opening a big new store in the San Antonio area, and more broadly about the increasing demand for guns and ammo in San Antonio and across the country.  I knew that many Americans are arming themselves to the hilt and packing heat as they walk the streets thanks to concealed carry laws, but I had no idea that female-only shooting clubs were a new trend.

The San Antonio Express-News has a very user-friendly website if you want to keep track of Richard’s work on the business beat this summer.  Well done, Richard!