The Gay Street Moonlight Market

Tonight is the latest Gay Street Moonlight Market.

IMG_3848It’s an opportunity for all of Columbus to come and see the coolest street in the downtown area, with the best food, the best restaurants, the best sidewalk vendors, the best shops, the best buildings, the best parking lot . . . and the coolest law firm, too, of course.  (The outside wall of our 68 building serves as the backdrop for the slide show projections.)

It’s part of the work of the Gay Street Collaborative.  The Moonlight Market takes places on the second Saturday of every month, with the brick-and-mortar businesses staying open for shopping and sidewalk vendors filling both sides of the street.  The first two Moonlight Markets did really well, and we Gay Streeters are hoping that the nice summer weather will bring even more people out tonight.

If you’re in downtown Columbus for the arts festival, stretch your legs, hoof it a few streets to the north, and check out Gay Street tonight.  I’m guessing you won’t be alone, and I’m betting your won’t be disappointed!

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