Stair Climbing At The Cincinnatian

IMG_3859I’m in Cincinnati for meetings, staying at the Cincinnatian.  It’s a fine hotel, and I particularly like the fact that it has a fine staircase.

I hate the soulless modern hotels where the staircases are kept behind closed doors at the end of hallways, where you wonder whether you’re locking yourself in the stairwell if you try to get some exercise rather than using the elevator.  The Cincinnatian, to my delight, has a broad, beautiful, public staircase that it keeps out in the open, ready for use by those of us who like to stretch our legs now and then.

If more hotels and public places had grand staircases, maybe more people would use them and we would have less morbid obesity in this pulpy, bloated, XXXL country of ours.

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