In Dubious Pursuit Of A Spot In The Guinness Book Of World Records

Sometimes I wish the Guinness Book of World Records had not been invented.  It seems to motivate too many people to do too many strange things.

Consider Michele Koebke, of Germany.  She’s been wearing a corset for years, trying to make her waistline as small as possible.  And she’s succeeded . . . at least, succeeded in looking freakish.  Her corseted waistline is now a mere 16 inches, and her goal is to get down to 14.9 inches, which would give her the coveted world record.

Of course, her pursuit of the record has caused health problems.  She can’t eat regular meals.  She experiences shortness of breath.  And, she has trouble supporting herself without a corset.

But hey . . . if she makes it, she’ll be in the Guinness Book of World Records — at least, until the next person decides to risk self-destruction in order to beat her record.  What would possess someone to risk their health and well-being for such a dubious distinction?  What does it tell you about a person’s life that they would engage in such ruinous behavior?

1 thought on “In Dubious Pursuit Of A Spot In The Guinness Book Of World Records

  1. Where are the people who love her??? Having said that, I know a young woman who used to be adorable, beautiful smile, lovely honey toned skin, thick brown hair and a cute figure, which is not to dismiss an inheritance that would keep the average person comfortable for a lifetime. I saw her last summer; she was orange, nearly anorexic, had her teeth filed down and replaced with veneers and breast implants that looked ridiculous. Her parents love her, as did her grandparents. There is no explanation for what she’s done to herself and no one in her family has the courage to address it.


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