The NBA And Social Media

Richard got a chance to go to one of the NBA championship series games last night, to cover the NBA’s use of social media.

The result is a really interesting article that addresses not only how the NBA deftly uses different social media sites — and decides which sites are best suited to which kinds of stories or photos — but also the enormous popularity of basketball worldwide.  I had no idea that the NBA had millions of followers worldwide, or that so many people use social media to follow the sport.  If you want to get a good idea of how the internet and modern communications have made the world a much smaller, more intimate place, Richard’s article is a good place to start.

And allow me to put in a plug for Richard’s Twitter feed, which not only gives you a first look at his articles but also includes links to other interesting stories and observations.

The Dog Years Apparently Have Been Hard

Thanks to everyone for their expressions of concern about Penny.

We learned today that she has advanced arthritis in one leg.  The Vet was surprised, because Penny is only six years old.  Using the familiar dog-years-to-human-years equivalence ratio, she’s about 45 years old — and how many people of that age are dealing with arthritis?

Fortunately for Penny, The Vet assures us that the condition is manageable with medication and a reduced exercise regimen.  This means that Penny will never again take a morning walk around the Yantis Loop.  I’m sure it will be an enormous struggle for her to stay home with Kish rather than hoofing it a few miles before the sun comes up, but I’m confident that eventually Penny will able to deal with that loss.

In the meantime, Penny has shown a sudden and curious interest in going to Early Bird specials at local restaurants, getting a bluing rinse the next time she goes in for a grooming, and driving 25 miles per hour in a 65 m.p.h. zone.

Revenge Of The Curds

IMG_1269It’s Friday night, and the Bahamians are coming over for cocktail hour.

So . . . what to nosh on?  Some local sourcing sounds good.  We’ve got the ridiculously addictive Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery goat cheese ranch curds, from Wauseon, Ohio.  We’ve got a delicious strawberry-rhubarb preserve with vanilla bean and a beaujolais wine reduction, made by the Black Radish Creamery right here in New Albany, Ohio.  And we’ve mixed them up with some unusual cheese options, two bottles of good wine, and cranberry and hazelnut crackers, recommended by the helpful cheese shop steward at the Hills Market in downtown Columbus.

Let the weekend begin!

Penniless Walks

Penny has been gimped up with a sore paw.  By orders of The Vet, she’s restricted to the yard, so Kasey and I are going it alone on our long morning walk.

IMG_3796It’s odd walking without Penny.  I miss her, and Kasey does, too.  Penny is the dependable presence bringing up the rear, just as Kasey is the darting, straining presence pulling us ahead.  Penny takes the straight-ahead approach and keeps Kasey on the path and moving in the right direction.  With Penny plodding on our familiar path, Kasey knows where to go.

Penny’s absence means that the morning walk has less upper body exercise value for me; I don’t have to juggle leashes or be pulled in two directions by two dogs that take very different approaches to walking.   It also means that I don’t have to deal with Penny’s stubborn, sudden-stop technique to indicate when she doesn’t feel like walking any more.  (I have to admit I really don’t miss that part.)

At first The Vet thought that Penny had a sprain, but when her limp persisted we took her in for x-rays.  The Vet noticed something around her joints, and sent the x-rays to a specialist for an opinion.  It could be arthritis, or it could be something else.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.