The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_3870Some days I get so hungry I can’t stand it.  My stomach growls like Kasey and feels like a bottomless pit.

When that happens, I look for any chance to eat.  I have a good plan, too.  I stay by the front door, and wait.  Then, if the Leader opens it just a bit, I run out and head to Sassy’s house.

Sassy lives with the pack next door.  Sassy is my friend.  I run to her place, and sometimes there is food in her bowl.  When that happens, I know it is a good day.  Sassy always has good food!

I eat as much of Sassy’s food as I can until the Leader finds me.  When that happens, oh, she is mad!  She yells at me and swats me on the butt.  She pulls me away from the food and takes me home.

It is sad when the Leader is mad at me, but it is worth it.  I’ll take some swats on the butt for a full belly any time.

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