Crispy Pig Ears

IMG_3912In the never-ending quest for new and different Columbus food experiences, the Red Sox Fan and I journeyed to Dinin’ Hall today.  There we found the Swoop food truck and . . . pig ears.

Crispy pig ears, to be precise, with smoky lemon tartar sauce.  When I asked the food truck proprietor about that option, he stated, with admirable simplicity, that that statement described the dish as concisely and clearly as possible.  Initially the RSF and I resisted the temptation to sample the sensory organ of a swine, and I got the cheeseburger and chicken sliders instead — which were fantastic.  But the lure of the porcine auditory organ was too strong to resist, and we later gave in to our animal urges.  (Those of you who always eat the ears of chocolate Easter rabbits first may understand the primal forces driving our decision.)

The crispy pig ears turned out to be crunchy and delicious, and a fun thing to nosh on during a conversation.  Swoop — which describes itself as Columbus’ Emergency Hunger Response Team — clearly has made the short list of must-try Capital City food truck options.

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