Oh, The Glamour Of Air Travel

It seems as if air travel is on an unending, downward spiral, and who knows when we will hit bottom.

Long gone are the days when people dressed up for an airplane trip and airlines showered you with food and drink on your voyage.  Now you’re likely to find yourself seated next to a sweaty, plus-sized person wearing cutoffs, a tank top and flip-flops, and you consider yourself lucky if a flight attendant hurls a handful of peanuts in your direction at some point during the flight.

On our flight to Bermuda Wednesday, Kish and I were starving after a long run through the Charlotte airport to catch our aggressive connection.  The flight offered no complimentary peanuts, crackers, or snack food, so we were forced to buy a bag of chips and Chex mix to get something in our bellies.  The Chex mix was $3.49, and my Late July Organic Sea Salt Multigrain Chips and Zesty Tomato Salsa was $4.  Seems like a lot for a small bag of chips, but airlines apparently are looking for every conceivable revenue source — be it baggage fees, early boarding fees, or charging for other former freebies — and if you don’t fly with food you should just prepare to be gouged.

I’m not sure where the downward spiral will end.  Some airlines apparently are experimenting with charging for trips to the bathroom.  That seems like the logical next step in the quest to make flying as unpleasant and irritating as possible.

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