Bobby “Blue” Bland Goes Farther On Up The Road

Bobby “Blue” Bland died yesterday at 83, and the ranks of the legendary blues singers were thinned measurably as a result.

Over his long career he wrote some of the great R&B songs, including timeless efforts like Further On Up The Road and Turn On Your Love Light.  I was introduced to his music by Eric Clapton, who played an exceptional Further On Up The Road filled with awesome guitar work.  When I heard Clapton’s live introduction to the song — simply, “this is a song by Bobby Blue Bland called Further On Up The Road” — I knew I had to listen to the artist who wrote such a fantastic song.  My guess is that many rock ‘n roll fans who loved Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and other rockers who played the blues were introduced to Bobby “Blue” Bland and other blues artists in that same way.

Bland had a fabulous voice, deep and smoky and soulful.  And, as the YouTube clip I’ve included above shows, he must have been a blast to share the stage with.  The clip is part of a performance by Bobby “Blue” Bland and B.B. King on Soul Train, circa the mid-70s.  From the basso intro by Don Cornelius to the vintage ’70s clothing to the stunning music, the clip is a classic — and a great reminder of Bland’s outsized talent.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_4005Sometimes the Leader and the old boring guy go away.  When that happens, we go to a place with dogs from other packs.  There are lots of those dogs.  I mean, lots!  There’s Beowulf, and Lars.  There’s Rosita, and Foo-Foo.  I don’t even know all of their names.  Some of the dogs like to bark.  Some like to dig.  Some want to play, and some are mad and scary.

Kasey and I sleep in the same crate.  When we go out into the yard with dogs from other packs, we try to be careful, too.  We watch each other’s back.  You never know what might happen, but Kasey and I make a good team.  We both want to be sure that we get back to our pack.

We run in the yard.  We eat when they feed us.  At night, we try to sleep, but some other dogs will bark and bark.  Kasey snores, too.  I don’t get much sleep.

When the Leader finally comes to get us, we are happy.  When we get home, we feel warm and safe.  So, we go to sleep.  The Leader wonders why we are so tired.  If she only knew!