The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

I get along with most dogs, even if they aren’t in our pack.  But, there are two German Shepherds in our neighborhood that I really don’t like at all.  They are always kept in the garage.  I know why!  They bark and lunge and growl and snarl whenever I walk by, and I don’t think it’s because they are just jealous that I am out walking while they are stuck in the garage.

Everyone knows that German Shepherds are mean, through and through.  It’s because they’re closer to wolves than dogs.  They’re not as civilized and evolved.  Their instinct is always to fight.

Not me!  I’d rather eat my food and sit on a cool floor than be out in the hot sun fighting with two mean German Shepherds.  I’m too smart to do that!

Don’t think I’m afraid of them, though.  I’m not!  I let them know by giving a little growl of my own and a flick of the tail when we walk by.  It drives them crazy.

Ha, ha, Shepherds!  Take that and bark on it!

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